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When is the best time of year to sell my property?

Clients often ask me the best time of year to sell a property.


The fact is that homes are sold every month of the year, and that there is no perfect time.   Sales cycles also vary from year to year, depending on what is happening with interest rates, the economy, and world events.  However, there are usually busier and slower sales periods during the year.


Spring, from March through to the end of June, is typically the busiest time of year for real estate sales in Greater Vancouver.  In recent years, Chinese New Year’s has also greatly impacted local real estate markets.  This has led to a very active sales period, earlier than the typical spring market.  This occurs for 2 weeks on either side of the holiday, which is usually in late January to mid-February.


July and August are slower months, as Buyers are on vacation, and then the market is busier in the fall, starting in September, often slowing by end of November.

December is a time when many home-buyers are distracted by vacations and family time, and are not as focussed on buying a home.  There are less, active purchasers. However, there are also less homes for sale.   This can be an opportunity for a Seller who may not want to wait until the New Year to sell.


The key at any time of year is to understand the current market situation, to properly present and prepare your home for sale, to fully expose the property to the market-place so that the greatest possible number of real buyers become aware of the property, and of course, to set the price properly to ensure that you receive the highest possible sale price, while also selling in a timely manner.

We work closely with clients to provide the information you need when making important real estate decisions. 


Please call me with any questions.


Paul Toffoli


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